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How to use the fuel line clamp

With the launch of the new Trek Top Fuel line, the company has added a few new features that make it easy to safely connect your engine with the line and other equipment.

For starters, the line clamp will now connect the fuel injectors to the fuel lines on the fuel tank.

And the line clamp can now be attached to the engine, which means you can now securely connect your fuel line to the throttle body, or even to the front axle.

The line clamp works as a standard hose clamp that is designed to be attached by hand.

But it’s now possible to attach it to the line by simply holding the line in place and letting the hose clamp extend to the back of the line.

To make it even easier to connect the line to a line clamp, the new clamp features a magnetic connector that will allow you to remove the line from the clamp and attach the clamp to the tank.

If you want to replace the clamp with something else, you can do so with a screwdriver.

The new line clamp features magnetic connectors that will let you remove the clamp from the line when you want it to be connected.

(Courtesy of Trek TopFuel)The line clamping features a magnet connector that can be used to remove and replace the line that connects the fuel pumps to the lines on your fuel tanks. (Tekkit)