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M18 fuel from UK to rebel in Syria: Why UK has a key role

By Kate KellawayThe UK has provided a key military ally in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, providing fuel for the rebels as they battle the jihadists.

Britain is also one of a number of Western countries that have provided military support to the Syrian government in its battle against the jihadist group.UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been in a tight race with President Bashar al-Assad to form a government after Britain voted to leave the European Union last month.UK President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress have warned that a victory for the Syrian regime over the rebels could spark an all-out war in the Middle East.

The UK’s role in the war against the jihadists has been controversial.

The US has been accused of deliberately weakening the opposition by supporting the Assad regime and the rebels against one another, while Moscow has called on the US to intervene in Syria to stop the killing of civilians.

The two nations are now at odds over the future of the US-backed Syrian opposition and how it should proceed.

The British military has been carrying out air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, but has also used Britain’s own weapons to target the jihadists’ supply lines in the country.

According to a US government source, the UK has supplied fuel to the rebels with its M18 tankers, which the government has also been using to transport military supplies to the war-torn country.

The fuel is sourced from the UK, the source told Business Insider.

It was the first fuel shipment for the rebel fighters since they launched their offensive last week against the extremist group.

The United States is now pushing the Syrian Government to provide fuel for its fighters to get into and out of the country, a senior US official told Reuters on Thursday.

A senior Syrian military source told Reuters that the government had “a list of 10 to 15 million litres of fuel” it is using to move supplies to and from the Syrian military’s base in Hama province.

The Syrian Government has said it is still able to meet its fuel needs due to the continued supply of fuel to it from Britain.

Sunoco Racing to shut down in 2019 after $7 billion acquisition


— Sunoco Energy Inc. is shutting down its racing business, the company announced Friday, a move that would allow it to refocus on refining its own fuel.

The company said it expects to close its racing operations by the end of 2020 and the fuel business by the beginning of 2021.

Sunoco plans to spend $7.4 billion to buy an independent refinery in Texas.

The transaction will help Sunoco focus on refining and selling its fuel, including diesel, gasoline and jet fuel, the oil company said.

It expects the transaction to close in 2019.

Sunaco has said it is looking for ways to increase production and sell its fuel.

In a statement, Sunoco Chief Executive Officer John R. Sutter said the merger is “a natural fit” with the company’s strategy of improving fuel quality.

The company expects to make significant savings on refining costs and the opportunity to focus on product development and distribution is too great to pass up,” Sutter wrote.

Sunoco will continue to refine fuel, but will focus on its other core business of refining natural gas.

The merged company will be able to produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuels from its existing operations in Texas and New Mexico.