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‘Gas-burning’ pump pumps, diesel-powered trucks are coming: GM

A truck maker has confirmed that it is preparing a petrol-powered electric truck that can be driven from India to Europe and the US without petrol.

The diesel-electric unit will have a range of about 70km, or about 12 miles, with a range-topping range of 150km.

The electric truck, expected to be available in 2019, could make up to 5,000 miles a day, according to the company.

The vehicle will be equipped with electric motors that can power the wheels.

The company’s electric motor technology will be based on technology developed by Tata Power and will be the first of its kind, said the company in a statement on Friday.

Tata Power said that the electric truck is powered by an advanced electric motor that is 100 times more powerful than a conventional petrol motor and has an operating range of 1,500 kilometres.

The truck will also be able to run on electricity.

Tata said the truck will use technology developed at the Tata Advanced Technology Centre, in the city of Jalandhar in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

Tata Advanced Technologies Centre is a centre that Tata has set up to promote technology in the auto sector.

It is also a key facility in India to develop and test the technology of electric vehicles.

In 2019, Tata Power plans to produce the truck in India and sell it in Europe and North America, it said.

The car will be able, the company said, to accelerate the truck from zero to 100km/h in two minutes.

A petrol-electric hybrid electric vehicle will also soon be available.

The technology will make the diesel-diesel vehicle a viable alternative to petrol-diesels, the firm said.

This is the first diesel-power vehicle to be introduced in India.

The world’s biggest diesel-engine manufacturer Tata has a total market share of more than 11 per cent.

How much do you pay for gas in the US?

Fuel prices in the United States have fallen significantly in the last decade and now range from $2.50 to $3 a gallon.

But the price has fallen for most other fuels too, from $1.70 a gallon in 2009 to just $1 in 2014, according to the Energy Information Administration.

For example, the average price of a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania is $1,878.

Gas prices have been falling across the country since 2014, but are still relatively high in parts of California, New York and Texas.

Some states have seen price increases of as much as 10 percent.

But there are signs that things are starting to calm down, especially in the Midwest, where gas prices have dropped significantly in recent years and are starting out to be less expensive.

Fuel prices can fluctuate dramatically based on demand, weather and other factors.

Some analysts are predicting that prices will return to normal by the end of this year.

In some places, the price is expected to be about $3.50 a gallon by the beginning of 2019.