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Libertarians say GOP presidential candidate is wrong on fuel prices

By DAVID BELLMORE The Libertarian Party has dropped its presidential candidate from the ballot because of his stance on the presidential candidates campaign financing and the election’s outcome.

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said on Tuesday the party was backing off its pledge to have Johnson on the ballot for the Nov. 4 election and that the decision was “not based on anything other than the fact that we are not going to do this anymore.”

Johnson, a former two-term New Mexico governor, has faced criticism for his views on election fairness and campaign finance reform.

In June, Johnson said he supported the presidential nominees constitutional right to vote and said it was “a very good idea.”

But he later backtracked and said he believed the candidates rights should not be questioned, according to The Associated Press.

Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts Gov.

Bill Weld, also has faced questions about his position on the election, which will be the first presidential contest without Vice President Joe Biden.

Johnson has not released a statement regarding the decision to withdraw from the race.

The Libertarian Party announced Tuesday that it would be withdrawing from the presidential primary ballot due to the lack of an endorsement for Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, by the party’s national committee, which includes delegates from the national convention.

Libertarian party leaders said in a statement that they were still working with Johnson to determine his eligibility to run.

The party did not say what the rationale for the withdrawal was.

The announcement comes as the Libertarian Party continues to be a thorn in the side of the Republican Party and its billionaire presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The party announced in May that Johnson would not be on the party ballot because the party did no longer believe the Republican National Committee was properly aligned with the Libertarian party, the Associated Press reported.

Johnson, a Republican, has said he is running for president in 2020.

The RNC announced in July that it was removing Johnson from its ballot for 2020 because of concerns over his position as a former New Mexico Gov.

and his lack of political experience.

The announcement came days after the party had announced its presidential nominee, former Vice President Mike Pence, had also not been on the Republican ballot.

The Republican National Convention is scheduled to convene in Cleveland on July 18.