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When will it be back on TV?

The NFL is going to try to get back on television when the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans meet again.

But it won’t be for at least the next week.

The league announced Thursday that the game would be postponed to Oct. 12.

The Cowboys will be in Nashville next week and then return to the Tennessee Titans’ practice facility in Memphis for a three-day mini-camp on Friday.

“It’s very unfortunate,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

“I hope we get this thing over with.

I hope we make the playoffs.

We have to get through this together.”

Jones made the announcement just days after the Titans won a playoff game for the first time in 16 years.

It was their first playoff victory since 2005.

It also came just two weeks after Jones had a phone conversation with team owner Bud Adams about the possibility of reopening the game.

That conversation ended in the Titans agreeing to move the game to another date, and the league is still investigating the possibility.

The NFL and Tennessee have been negotiating for a new deal for more than two months.

That deal, which includes the Titans holding onto the rights to the stadium and the Cowboys the option to move it, was the first to expire in 2016.

But after the NFL and the NFL Players Association reached a deal that ended the stalemate, the NFL suspended negotiations for two weeks.

The suspension gave the Titans more time to find a new home.

After two months of negotiations, the Titans and the players’ association struck a new contract with a price tag that was in the $1 billion range, and they have since been negotiating with a new team.

The new deal gives the Titans an additional $400 million for the stadium.

“We’re in a very difficult position right now because of the way this has played out,” Jones said Thursday.

“As a sports organization, we’re in the middle of this.

The Cowboys and Titans last met in Week 5. “

If we can get it done right, we can be back to the playoffs.”

The Cowboys and Titans last met in Week 5.

They were playing for a bye.

But the Titans blew a 16-point lead in the second half of the game and fell behind 17-7.

The Titans took a 14-7 lead into the locker room in the fourth quarter.

The final play of the fourth-quarter game was a punt by Tennessee linebacker Antonio Morrison that bounced off the back of the end zone.

“You’re going to be disappointed, but that’s what happens when you play the best football team in the NFL,” Titans defensive end Marcell Dareus said.

“(We had) a chance to win that game.

We’re disappointed in the way we lost that game.”

How to use the fuel line clamp

With the launch of the new Trek Top Fuel line, the company has added a few new features that make it easy to safely connect your engine with the line and other equipment.

For starters, the line clamp will now connect the fuel injectors to the fuel lines on the fuel tank.

And the line clamp can now be attached to the engine, which means you can now securely connect your fuel line to the throttle body, or even to the front axle.

The line clamp works as a standard hose clamp that is designed to be attached by hand.

But it’s now possible to attach it to the line by simply holding the line in place and letting the hose clamp extend to the back of the line.

To make it even easier to connect the line to a line clamp, the new clamp features a magnetic connector that will allow you to remove the line from the clamp and attach the clamp to the tank.

If you want to replace the clamp with something else, you can do so with a screwdriver.

The new line clamp features magnetic connectors that will let you remove the clamp from the line when you want it to be connected.

(Courtesy of Trek TopFuel)The line clamping features a magnet connector that can be used to remove and replace the line that connects the fuel pumps to the lines on your fuel tanks. (Tekkit)