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Which fuel card does your family and friends need?

By Kim Kelly, CBC News”My kids are all very, very excited about getting a fuel card,” said Michelle Stiles, who lives near Toronto’s University of Toronto campus.

She got a card in July, after receiving a letter from her daughter that said she was eligible for a tax rebate.

Stiles is not alone.

Around 40 per cent of Ontarians aged 15 and older do not have a valid EFS fuel card.

The federal government says it will begin phasing out the EFS card in 2019, but it is expected to take effect much sooner.

The Ontario government says that will be due to a new policy, known as the new Ontario Fuel Program, which will phase out the old EFS cards in 2019.

That means EFS is no longer eligible for the ERCOT rebate, which was $7,500 per person in the 2015 program.

The EFS program was created in 2005 and provides a subsidy for Ontario residents aged 15 to 64, regardless of whether they have a current EFS credit card.

It is administered by the Ontario Fuel Administration.

It covers about 4.3 million people in the province.EFS was first introduced in Manitoba in 1995.

The program has a two-year cap.

In Ontario, it has a six-year limit, but the cap is extended for five years for eligible seniors and people 65 or older.

It can only be used once a year and has a cap of $1,200 per year per person.

It does not include a $1.50 tax credit for EFS.

The province has also set up a new Ontario Rebate Program for low-income seniors, but not for EDF.

The rebate is capped at $1 for the first $6,000 of eligible income, $2,500 for each additional $6 or $8,000.

The new ERCot rebate is $2.60 for a family of three.

It also has a $10 per day limit for households over $100,000, a $5 per day cap for households with children and an $11 per day rebate for households without children.

To qualify, you need to be at least 65 years old and have earned less than $18,000 in your life, which is $30,600.

If you’re not eligible, you’ll need to prove your income is lower than $60,000 to get the rebate.

Ontario says it has had to change the program since it was created.