How to save a Rs. 2,000 fuel riser

Aug 1, 2021 Journals

A few days back, we wrote about how a fuel riter can be a boon for those who can afford it.

Now we are seeing it used for the same purpose.

According to a report by NDTV, a group of petrol station owners in the city of Kolkata are planning to create a riser for petrol pumps.

The plan was first floated in December.

The riser will allow them to store their petrol for longer periods of time without having to carry large amount of fuel to the pump.

The idea is to save on fuel and also avoid the need to carry the huge amount of petrol around.

The owners of the riser have also taken the initiative to put in place CCTV cameras to ensure that there is no tampering with the risers.

The plan to set up the riter has been announced in a letter that was shared with NDTV by a representative of a company in charge of the project.

The letter says that the rist also serves as a safety measure for the pump employees.

If someone tries to tamper with the device, the pump will activate the alarm system to stop the pump from functioning.

The letter further says that if a petrol pump is damaged or damaged while in use, the owner of the vehicle can report the matter to the Police.

The owners said that if they can find a suitable place to store the risings, they are looking forward to the rista being ready by the end of the year.

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