Fuel sending unit to Milwaukee fuels fueling station

Aug 16, 2021 Author Services

Fuel sending units are being installed at Milwaukee fuel pumps.

The units use gas-burning engines and provide fuel for stationary fuel pumps, fueling stations and other stationary facilities.

The Milwaukee Fuel and Equipment Company announced it will have one of the units installed in its fueling station by mid-April.

 The Milwaukee Fuel & Equipment Company will have a total of 15 units installed at fuel stations.

The first unit, which is located at a gas station in the city of Madison, is set to go into operation in early June.

MEC plans to install three more units by the end of the year at other locations in Milwaukee.

A spokesperson for MEC said they are working with local manufacturers and have secured financing.

The company has been building the units for more than a decade.

The company started making its own fuel using a process that was patented in the mid-2000s.

Currently, there are more than 6,500 fuel sending units in operation.

About 40 of the fuel sending unit units are in use at fuel pumps in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

The rest are in other locations, including a fuel station in Waukesha and a local fuel station at the University of Wisconsin.

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