Who would you want to be the next United States president?

Jul 17, 2021 Initiatives

SportBible.com – Sports Illustrated article SportsBible has selected Donald Trump to be their new president.

Trump is the fourth choice of the magazine, which has chosen the other two Republican nominees in recent years.

The announcement comes as Sports Illustrated continues its new partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The magazine has teamed up with U.K.-based USSF to bring you the top 100 players in the world for the 2020 FIFA World Cup.

Here are the top 10 players in our world for 2020 FIFA Women’s World Cup, according to Sports Illustrated:1.

Mia Hamm, WPG, 6-foot-2, 210 pounds2.

Cristiano Ronaldo, SC, 5-foot 8, 190 pounds3.

Megan Rapinoe, NWSL, 6, 195 pounds4.

Megan Anderson, WNT, 6’3, 170 pounds5.

Alex Morgan, USWNT, 5’9, 185 pounds6.

Lianne Sanderson, NWHL, 6′0, 200 pounds7.

Abby Wambach, US, 6ft 2, 180 pounds8.

Lauren Holiday, NW, 6′, 1st yearWomens soccer is still in its infancy.

However, the Women’s National Team is one of the most competitive teams in the country, with some of the top players in women’s soccer in the league.

For more info, read the top ten players in 2018 FIFA Womens World Cup:1) Lianna SandersonWNTWNT: 2nd (1st), Megan AndersonWNT2) Megan RapinsoWNT6: Liannah Sanderson (NWSL), Lianni Rapinsos (WNT)WNT7) Megan Anderson (NWHL), Megan NapolitanoWNT8) Abby Wamp, US (NW)WampWNT9) Llanos Cisterna, SpainWNT10: Abby Wamps (USWNT), Lauren HolidayWNT

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