What to Know About Kroger Fuel Points

Jul 15, 2021 Information

Kroger announced this week that it will add new life-fueling points to its gas station loyalty program.

The new points will be offered in addition to the regular points, but they will have an added bonus.

For example, the points will give customers a 50% discount on all gas and oil purchases at Kroger stores in select cities, Kroger said in a statement.

Kroger will be offering a minimum of three points at each Kroger location, which is a $2.50 discount for gas and a $1.50 for diesel purchases.

The minimum redemption amount is $100.

Kroenke will also begin offering new points at a rate of $1 per $1 spent on gasoline and $1 each on diesel, but the points won’t count toward your weekly fuel savings.

Krogreens gasoline and diesel fuel will also be included in the new program, with Kroger providing additional incentives for fuel purchases made at Kroenks restaurants.

In addition to Kroger’s new loyalty program, the grocery chain is adding more than 200 new fuel stations to its loyalty program in an effort to boost fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of fuel the store is used to burn.

As of Sept. 20, Kroenkes gasoline and gas station were at 5,800, with more than 20,000 of them located in more than 60 markets nationwide.

The company also announced this month that it is rolling out a new online fuel saving app to its mobile app.

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